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Lakers Nation News Feed

Aug 30, 2018

We preview Lonzo Ball's 2018-2019 NBA season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Can he improve on his rookie season now that LeBron James is in town? And is he tweaking his jump shot? 

Twitter: @Trevor_Lane, @Hannah_Kulik

Aug 24, 2018

It's 8/24 and that means it's Mamba Day! We celebrate by taking a look at Kobe Bryant's Top 5 Lakers moments. Do you agree with our choices or should we have picked other moments from Bryant's career? 

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Aug 16, 2018

Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma believes the team and it's young players are being underestimated. Here's why he may be right. 

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Aug 9, 2018

The first scheduled games of the 2018-2019 NBA season have been announced and the Lakers have a strange game for LeBron James' debut. Plus, James puts on his Lakers uniform! 

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